This is my most favorite time in life! I have 5 wonderful little princesses and a tiny prince that call me Grandma! Nothing makes me happier than the time that is spent with these little angels! Watching them grow and seeing the excitement in their sparkling eyes when they learn something new, is magical!

IMG_0014 (2)

I love these girls and their enthusiasm for life!

IMG_6972 (1)

There is nothing more fun than the waves hitting your feet while under sail! Faster Papa, Faster!


Gwyl is a great sailing Captain! He has mastered Moonstruck, our 30 foot Catalina!


And I’m not a bad second mate, if I say so myself! Love sailing!

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Gwyl and I at the Bear Lake marina. Ahoy Matey!

There are so many things in life that I enjoy doing. Sailing, riding my bike, reading, and of course shopping!