New Bowls

Gwyl and I have been looking for new dinnerware for years now. We are still using the dishes that we bought when we were first married, Pfaltzgraff Yorktown. That was over 41 years ago! We have replaced some of the pieces, but we have really wanted to get a new set. The bowls to this set were all broken years ago, too many bowls of cereal from children. I bought some blue bowls that were fine for a few years, but they are all chipped around the corners. It was very embarrassing when we would have company and I would pull out the chipped blue bowls! It didn’t bother me when it was just Gwyl and I, but company, oh my! We even ordered a new set of dishes from Pfaltzgraff, but when they arrived, we did not like them at all, and sent them back! I finally happened upon these white bowls during one of my shopping sprees. Here’s too hoping that they last for at least a few years!


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