Puppy Dog Paw-ty

I can’t believe that my grandchild is 11 years old! Brooklyn love, love, loves dogs, always has and if she could, she would bring home every dog that she meets! For her birthday party, she requested a Dog Paw-ty and her Grandma Jeannetta put together the cutest paw-ty ever! IMG_2939

Bret was great at pushing the kids in the swings higher and higher. London screamed the whole time, when the swing would slow down, she would beg her father to push her high again, then the screaming would begin . . . again!


The girls practicing their throwing skills. They were throwing beanie baby animals in the puppy chow bowls, each one had a number on them, 10, 20, 30, 40, the one with the most points got to adopt a cute little puppy (stuffed, thank goodness!) of their choice.


The competition between these girls is always fierce! They each wanted to be the first to pick their puppy.


Dinner was, hot dogs (of course!), paw-sta salad, chew sticks (vegetables), chips and watermelon (I can’t remember there cute puppy names, but they had them!) Napkins were, wipe your paws, the drink containers had adorable dogs on them, the back door had puppy prints all over it. Everything was so dog gone cute!

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  1. Gwyl says:

    That was a fun Birthday Party.

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