Paige’s Dance Recital

Little Miss Paige is a natural at dancing! The Tueller School of Dance Presents: LOVE. Paige danced to Can You Feel the Love Tonight; I Wanna Dance; Everyone Says I Love You; and the grand finale, All For Love. To me, she was the star of the show! She was totally in her element. Watching her dance on stage made me flashback to the memories of her mother, Dancing Jenifer, and her recitals. I have to admit, there were a few tears shed thinking about my sweet little Jen, dancing her little heart out! Like mother, like daughter!13232902_10209214999114179_5176576767840655315_n

The spotlight was on this little dancing Paige!


Don’t all dancers wear cowgirl boots? She was so proud of her dancing (and costumes!).


All of these cute girls  came out to support Paige’s dancing. We all had a hard time keeping our feet (and bodies!) still while the music was blaring! Yep, we were all dancing in our seats! I’m pretty sure that I even spotted Papa doing a little jig!


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