Grandma’s Closet

All of the grandkids came over for a Mother’s Day Brunch of pancakes, bacon, funeral potatoes and fruit. After the brunch, the girls all wanted to have a fashion show, courtesy of Grandma’s closet! As fun as it is to watch the fashion show, it takes me the rest of the day to put my closet back together! So this time I told the girls that they could have a fashion show, but it was limited to my scarves. This did not deter their excitement! By the time the girls were through playing, they were taking turns wrapping each other up like mummies! They were standing in line, each awaiting their turns to be wrapped up! There were a few tears from those waiting, they felt like their turn was taking too long to get here! I’m pretty sure that there are knots in some of my scarves that I am never going to be able to get out! But regardless, I love being a grandma!


Brooklyn struck a pose of total indifference. This pose will be used quite a bit in the coming teenage years! She is our beautiful Brooklyn!


London is definitely  number 1 in my book! Our little glitter girl! She is our lovely London!


Sierra is totally a flower child! She has a great imagination and spends the hours daydreaming away! She is our Sweet Sierra!


Addi is over the top! She wanted to have all of the scarves wrapped around her, then turned all of her cousins into mummies! She is our adorable  Addi!


Another teenager in the making! She is our perfect Paige!


Even little boy blue wanted to get in on the fun and excitement! We love our Dakota!


Peace out, people!

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  1. Gwyl says:

    Peace out!!! 🙂 I love it!

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