When Papa’s around, the monkeys will play!

Out in my garage we have a storage room, that I call the pantry. It is a nice sized room with lots of shelving and room too store food and grocery items. The top 2 shelves are only accessible by climbing a ladder. The grandkids are always begging to play in the pantry and climb the ladder. When they are little, the climbing is slow and careful. As they get older, they bound up the ladder faster than this grandma is comfortable with! The other day, I asked Gwyl to get something from the pantry for me, these little monkeys scampered after him shouting, “can we climb the ladder? can we climb the ladder?” Unbeknownst to grandma, they did more than climb the ladder! I can see now, Papa needs more supervision!IMG_0232

Notice that mischievous look on Addison!


These cute little monkeys! They about gave Grandma a heart attack when Papa showed me these pictures!

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