The Sound Beginnings program at Utah State University, Gift of Hearing event was so successful this year. They were able to raise almost $20,000, between registration fees, silent auction items and selling raffle tickets! It was an awesome event! Papa gave each of the girls $20 to buy raffle tickets and they won big! I wish I had taken a picture of all the items that we hauled out of the field house! 1 raffle ticket came with the GoH registration, I told Jen to write her name on that one and let’s see what her chances of winning was going to be, and she also won! The girls took home coupons for tons of food, Jen won’t have to cook for the next six months. They got books and games, jewelry, cookies, socks, haircuts, etc. Addi even won a pair of sneakers and a necklace! All of the food for lunch was donated by local companies, Chick-fl-A donated sandwiches for the over 425 registrants, Lee’s Marketplace donated Carmel Corn on the Cob, Schreiber Foods donated string cheese. All of the soda pop and water were donated and all of the items for the silent auction and the raffle tickets, yes, you got it, were donated! The support from local business and people in the Cache Valley community was awesome! The money raised will really help families of children that are deaf or hard of hearing.


A few of my favorite things!


Peace out, Paige!


Hot Lips, Addison!

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