I’ve got a tiger by the tail!

I’ve got a tiger by the tail! Or in this case, a cat named Garfield. A trip to Walmart just would not be complete without a trip to the in-store arcade. I might mention that this particular arcade could use a nice deep scrubbing! All I could think about was all the germs lurking in the corners! I don’t think the corners had been vacuumed since they opened the arcade! But I digress, the girls didn’t notice all the dirt, they just had a great time playing on Garfield. Even Chocolate got caught up on the jaws of Tigger! Now pass me the hand sanitizer!


Addi and Paige were climbing all over Garfield!


Paige tried really hard to climb up on top of Garfield’s tail.


Tigger took a bite out of Addi’s beloved pet, Chocolate!

Just goes to show that Tiggers like chocolate too!


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One Response to I’ve got a tiger by the tail!

  1. Gwyl says:

    Add and Paige are acrobats. Climbing all over that thingy!

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