Guess what I found!

I have looked high and low. Through every cupboard, box and pile. I scoured the entire house and could not, for the life of me, find my beloved camera! It has been missing for, oh about, 2 and a half years, that is right, years! Gwyl finally convinced me to replace this sweet camera, after about a year after I lost it. He wanted me to get a fancy camera with lots of doo dads, I dug in my high heels and refused to give up on finding my little camera, until he just went ahead and bought me a new camera (I’m sure he got tired of hearing me whine about missing my perfect camera!). The other day I lost something in my car, I saw it bounce under the passenger seat, and I braved the dust and crumbs and peeked under the seat (I might mention that 2 and a half years ago, Gwyl looked under the before mentioned seat looking for the camera!). Low and behold, there was my shiny cute little camera! It hadn’t left me after all! It was just waiting patiently for something to bounce under the seat so that it could¬†¬†catch my attention! Truth be told, I never did feel a true connection to the new camera that Gwyl bought me, my heart was always longing for the camera of my grandchildren’s childhood! Gwyl turned the camera on, and even after all this time, it still had battery power! Awesome! Welcome back the true love camera of my life! Now, does anyone need a barely used camera, I seem to have an extra one that I can sell you!IMG_2803

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