The Blaser Family Egg-stravaganza!

I love Easter! It is such a beautiful time of the year, the earth is renewing, the trees are starting to blossom, the tulips are smiling, and the dull winter colors are transforming into beautiful greenery. It’s also the time of year the I host the Blaser family Egg-stravaganza! We’ve scaled it down the last few years, but its still very egg-citing and the grandkids are egg-straordinary! I spend days filling all of the eggs with fun little prizes and treats. But that is not what the grandkids are egg-cited about. What garners everyone’s attention, young, old and older, is the “golden egg”! The competition is fierce, and those that do not find the golden egg, spill a few tears! The finder of the golden egg, not only receives an awesome prize, but they also get bragging rights for the rest of the year! Gwyl is way too quick to give hints on where to find the egg, but I try to keep him in check, at least for a few minutes. The day is filled with fun, food and family. Hands down, my favorite day of the year!IMG_2758

Paige and London are silly little bunnies!


The Morris Family, Paige, Jen, Addi and Randy


Love these girls! Addi, Brooklyn, London, Paige and Sierra


The Blaser Family. Dakota, Jamie, Bret, London, Sierra and Brooklyn


My beautiful sister Devri and her husband, Don,

who the girls affectionally call Uncle Tractor!


Paige got to have the biggest basket this year, and she wanted

Uncle Tractor to have the smallest basket!


Beautiful Brooklyn, she really, really, really wanted to find the golden egg this year!


Dakota was so excited to find his special eggs. His basket was so full of eggs, he would pick one egg up and two would fall out of his basket! The fun just never stopped for him!


Addi is already whispering in Papa’s ear for hints on where to find

the golden egg for next year! I told you, the competition is fierce!


The basket was bigger than Paige! But that didn’t stop her enthusiasm for gathering eggs!


Lovely London is very excited that next year she gets the biggest basket! The competition is not only on who finds the golden egg, but on who’s turn it is for the big basket!


Bret found the golden egg, and yes, London is not happy that

she wasn’t the one to find it! Sweet girl, there is always next year!


Devri and Don were in charge of the car races, they set up an obstacle course and there were big prizes to win, not to mention lots of laughs about one crazy car! Addi took the grand prize and Sierra came in second. Good job girls! Now to figure out why the blue car had happy feet, it just kept dancing around, in whatever direction it wanted to, regardless of the person with the controls! Hilarious!


Jen made a delicious trifle for dessert. It was the perfect way to finish

off a fabulous dinner of sweet pork tacos!

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  1. Gwyl says:

    The hunt was exciting and the competition was strong. It was a good day to be hunting eggs.

    Jen’s cooking is the best! I can eat her fixings any day of the week!

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