London’s Spring Break Date

Cute little London was promised a special date with Papa for Spring Break. She was not about to let me forget! She really wanted ice cream, so off we headed to Wendy’s for french fries and a frosty, chocolate of course! Our next fun excursion was to Walmart, where Papa bought London a Super Frogger. While Papa was checking out, we went sailing with Tigger, which was quite adventurous! We were all sad for our Spring Break Date to end!

81uoyzx9lrL._SL1500_ Super Frogger


London was singing a song about how she was sailing with Tigger and Papa, so very cute!

This lovely little lady, sure does love her Papa!

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2 Responses to London’s Spring Break Date

  1. Gwyl says:

    She had a good time steering that boat in a straight line! 🙂

  2. Gwyl says:

    And Papa sure does love this wonderful London. She always has a smile and a hug for Papa.

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