Addi’s Piano Recital

Addison has been taking piano lessons since fall and this last week she had her first piano recital. Her first song was a duet with her piano teacher. She was very nervous, but she did a wonderful job!IMG_2384

Addi’s piano duet.


She was so brave, and the music was beautiful!


Paige and London were there to cheer her along!


Such a beautiful, smart girl!

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Elusive Moose

In our travels to and from Bear Lake, Gwyl and I often spot Moose while we are driving through Logan Canyon. For years now, Jen’s one desire is to see a Moose. She has ridden with us quite a few times through Logan Canyon, and we have never seen a Moose. Addi and Paige have gone for rides with us, we spot a Moose. The other day, Gwyl invited Jen to ride to Bear Lake with us, she decided that she wouldn’t go with us this time. On the way home, what did we see? A Moose, of course! It was standing right next to the road. We drove past it, spotted it, turned around and came back to get a photo. As the car got closer to it, he spooked and ran off. In the video, we could still see him in the trees, but he is so well camouflaged he is hard too spot! Poor Jen, one of these days, my little one, you will get to see the elusive Moose!


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. . . Life is but a Dream!

Brooklyn entertained herself, and us, while the Adam’s Owl PTA choir sang, Row, Row Row your Boat!


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Sierra’s Concert

Sierra had an end of school concert for her Adam’s Owls PTA Choir. She did such a wonderful job. It was fun to see how diligent she is and what a good singer she is.

All these cute girls came out to support our Sweet Sierra! Love them all!


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Decision Making

Decision making at our house is a long, complicated process. Gwyl and I can not seem to agree on any of the major decisions that people make in their lives. It doesn’t even have to be a major decision, minor ones are just as complicated! Take for instance the previous post on new dinnerware. The reason we don’t have new dinnerware, is because we can’t agree on what dishes to get! It’s not just dishes that we don’t agree on, it took me years to convince Gwyl that we needed to move from Smithfield. After I finally convinced him of that, it took us over 2 years to find a house that we both liked! Now, we have been looking at buying me a new car. Yes, it has been over a year, so far, that we have been talking about and looking at, and driving cars! Gwyl likes the Hyundai Santa Fe. I like the Ford Taurus. Both of them in Red! I have taken a trip with my sister in her Taurus, and it was very comfortable for an adult to ride in the backseat. Gwyl likes the fact that you sit higher from the ground in a Santa Fe, for better visibility. And the list of pros and cons goes on and on and on and on! Stay tuned . . . we will see what happens!

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